How to Spec a Garment for Your Fashion Tech Pack

April 26, 2017

How do you know what POMs (points of measure) to include in your spec sheet? How do you figure out where to put them? Luckily, someone made a book for us! The Spec Manual by Michele Wesen Bryant and and Diane DeMers is the best (and only one that I know of) reference book you […]

How to Make a Lace Pattern in Illustrator (& Photoshop)

April 19, 2017

Using photoshop & Illustrator, we’ll create a see through / transparent lace repeating pattern swatch and apply it to our bra fashion flat sketch. You will learn: 00:37 How to crop one repeat of your lace pattern in Photoshop 01:20 How to make sure the edges of your repeat tile will seam up smoothly 02:11 […]

How to Sketch Fashion Flats in Illustrator (Without The Pen Tool)

April 12, 2017

Whether you love it or hate it, the Pen Tool is necessary for everything we do in Illustrator. But the lesser know Pencil Tool – which draws much more organically like an actual pencil – offers some really great tricks and shortcuts. In this video, I’ll sketch an entire flat without ever touching the Pen […]

How to move and scale patterns in illustrator

April 04, 2017

It’s simple to resize / move / transform patterns inside objects in Illustrator – and this video will show you how. You will learn: 00:19 What is an engineered pattern in fashion? 01:20 How to place a repeating pattern swatch on the chest of your fashion flat by drawing it manually or using a clipping […]

How to Draw Ruffles Filled with Repeating Pattern Swatches in Illustrator

March 29, 2017

With a few simple tricks, this tutorial will show you how to add dimension to your ruffle sketches and add a pattern fill to your fashion illustration: You will learn: 00:42 How to conceptualize drawing your fashion flat to fill it with a pattern swatch 01:40 Tricks to draw the ruffles with the Pencil Tool […]

How to trace a photo of a garment in Illustrator

March 22, 2017

If you’re not a good hand sketcher and can’t draw from your head (like me), you may need to trace a photo. This tutorial will show you how to trace a photo of a garment being worn by a person. You will learn: 00:32 Using the layers panel to organize your file and keep your […]

How to Edit Embroidery Artwork in Illustrator and Photoshop

March 15, 2017

If you have a comp of embroidered artwork you want to mock up on your garments, you may need to cut out the background or change the colors. This tutorial will show you how to: 01:08 How to use a clipping mask to hide (“crop”) parts of your artwork in Illustrator 03:29 How to quickly […]

How to Create Technical Flat Sketches in Illustrator

March 08, 2017

Many designers use inefficient methods to create tech sketches in Illustrator. This tutorial will show you the quickest and most effective way to organize your files so they’re easy to edit, manage and maintain. You will learn: 00:34 The main tool you want to use to efficiently create tech sketches in Illustrator 01:49 How to […]

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