14 Apr 2015

How to Draw Fashion Flats: At A Glance

I’ve created a handful of what I’m calling Tutorials At A Glance for Illustrator Stuff – they’re great for the designer who doesn’t have the patience to read or watch a video, but instead just wants a quick visual of how to do something!  The entire tutorial is summed up in one infographic image (great for pinning!), and with a basic AI skillset, you’ll be able to follow along quickly and easily.  I’ll be featuring them on the blog over the coming weeks, and today we’ll get started with part 1 of Drawing Fashion Flats in Illustrator.  This Tutorial At A Glance shows one of the most simple and basic techniques of drawing flats – draw the outline and add style lines accordingly (with the option of using Live Paint to color).
How To Draw Fashion Flats in Illustrator

25 Mar 2015

Creating Pleats in Illustrator: Simple Tricks

This Illustrator tutorial will take you through some cool tricks for creating pleats in Illustrator using the Zig Zag effect, a dashed stroke, and a clipping mask. Basic Illustrator skills are assumed, but nothing is too complicated, so get watching and learn how to add pleats to your designs!

04 Mar 2015

Quick Tip: Thick Outlines on Fashion Sketches in Illustrator

Depending on how you draw your fashion sketches or flats in Illustrator, it may not be super easy to add a thick outline to the perimeter of your sketch. In this quick video tutorial, I’ll show you a really quick trick to create a thick outline around your finished sketch no matter how you drew it.

27 Feb 2015

How Adobe Illustrator Will Change Your (Fashion) Design World

Many of you who browse my site regularly are already somewhat familiar with Illustrator and what it’s used for in the (fashion) design world.  For those of you who aren’t or who are just looking to broaden your knowledge, I recently wrote a concise overview at The Swatchbook (the supporting blog for online fabric supplier Offset Warehouse).  Brush up on your AI knowledge and learn how this software will change your (fashion) design world.
How Adobe Illustrator Will Change Your (Fashion) Design World